Application Details for ALA Membership

Here is an outline of membership requirements for The Autolocksmiths Association, (ALA):

Your completed application is first checked by committee. Once this is completed and the Committee are satisfied you will be invited to take the practical examination.
The examination consists of two separate practical tasks, and a written component.

Fees that apply to the different stages of the membership application

Stage 1: Application paperwork, there is no charge for this stage.

Stage 2: Examination. There is a charge of £185.00 for this stage (non-refundable).

Depending on when you site the examination, and if you are successful, further fees may become due.
If you successfully sit the exam in April, then a balance of £180.00 becomes immediately due. If you successfully sit the exam in September/October, no balance is due and your membership will be valid until the following April.

If you fail the exam, you may or may not be invited to retake the exam at the following meeting. If you are invited back, then a further fee of £185.00 will become due.

Invited visitors to ALA weekend meetings

A non member visitor can be invited to attend a weekend meeting by either the committee or a sponsoring paid up ALA member. An ALA visitors form needs to be completed, signed by the sponsoring ALA member, and sent to committee by email, for approval well before the meeting dates, the committee will confirm acceptance of a visitor by email. The committee can refuse any visitor and does not have to give a reason.

The visitor may only attend one meeting as a visitor, but attend a further meeting if taking the practical exam. If you need a visitors form, please contact us on the Contact Page